During festivals Budapest comes alive with artists and works of contemporary art ranging from classical and pop music to dance, film and fine arts to children’s programs. The programs offer an exciting repertoire of theatre, dance, musical and art performances.

The largest and most prestigious cultural festival in Budapest, the Spring Festival, attracts many classical music, opera and jazz fans from all around the world. The festival has developed into one of Europe’s major cultural events with a series of opera, concert, ballet and theatrical performances.

A very special festival,The SZIGET festival, is very popular by young people en rockfestival fans and attracts almost 400 000 fans from over 70 countries to a beautiful island in the heart of Budapest, providing a complete festival-holiday experience with non-stop party, great live concerts, a widely international community and all the touristic features the city has to offer.
Sziget is many festivals in one, a week long non-stop event with approx. 60 program venues and around 200 programs daily.

Not to forget the many food related festivals like cheese festival, wine festival and palinka festival and many more, where you can taste Hungary.

We hope you will visit the city and explore for yourself the many possibilities Budapest has to offer!