Restaurant Aszú

Aszú1 Aszú2
The cuisine of Aszú Restaurant mixes ancient Hungarian ingredients and spices with the elements of modern gastronomy. The wine list offers numerous special exclusive selections, mainly Tokaj wines. The service means painstaking attention to courtesy in every detail, where an artistically carved gilded wood interior plays an integral part in the concept that willmake your evening an unforgettable experience.




Bazilika Café Restaurant

Basilica Café
Bazilika Café & Restaurant is situated at the heart of the city, next to the renovated St.Stephan Bazilika. This building is at the Szent István square which is a beautiful pedastrianized square. It is an unforgetable experience to visit the Bazilika’s area. The restaurant is waiting guests with high quality food and reasonable prices.






Rézkakas1 Rézkakas2

The renewed Rézkakas bistro is in the heart of the downtown, only a few steps from the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The elegant restaurant has a nice, comfortable terrace as well. The menu card includes a representative sampling of the Hungarian cuisine as well as delicious international dishes. A virtuoso gypsy band takes care about an enjoyable atmosphere every evening. The „gourmet shop” of the restaurant offers a wide range of hand-made Hungarian products.




TG Italiano

Tg1 Tg2

Tom George is a new designer restaurant in the revitalized city center, near the Basilica. The place represents flashy urban style and operates an Italian cuisine with an international attitude. Interior features represent a cosmopolitan and fashionable bistro style. Elegant shades of brown and cream, combined with baroque and modern pieces of furniture create a perfect background for a pleasant meal. Their wine selection is also pretty good.

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