Café Vian

Café Vian1 CAfé Vian2

This small bistro did all the way from the cocktail bar with salads to traditional french brasserie, with a hungarian cuisine corner for locals and tourists. And to make is more pleasant, add to this ; some 15 home made desserts and pastries, and around 40 hungarian small producers’ wines. Café Vian also proposes an everyday changing daily menu, at very friendly price.




Buena Vista

Buena Vista1 Buena Vista2

Buena Vista restaurant is an isle of tranquility in the hectic life of Liszt Ferenc square. It is an excellent place for business dinners or parties after theater performances. The chef makes both international and domestic courses while is eager to serve such with care since both the mouth and the eye are to be pleased in the restaurant. The guests can choose from the dozens of coffee and tea specialties, light salads, food specialties as well as delicious desserts.




Fresco Liszt Café & Lounge

Fresco1 Fresco2

Fresco Café & Lounge can be found in the most popular and busy place of Budapest, on “Liszt Ferenc” square where everybody may enjoy the atmosphere generated by the happy-go-lucky crowd roaming the streets from early spring to late autumn. Due to its central position, the terrace makes our guests feel like guiders of the square. The specialties are from Mediterranean cuisine, the menu of Fresco Café & Lounge also includes Far-Eastern wok specialties, a rich assortment of different steaks as well as the courses of the Hungarian cuisine of the 21st century. Highly popular pizzas are made in traditional wood-burning ovens.

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