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Spinoza is also in the famous Dob Street among many other cafés and restaurants. It has a low price menu, delicious wines, sandwiches and perfect coffee, which attract locals during the day. There is a theatre operating inside the restaurant making it unique in the line of restaurants. It has an old-style gateway that makes it more recognizable. There are traditional Hungarian food, live piano music every night and phenomenal Klezmer-show every Friday evening.





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Spíler in Gozsdu Udvar is a unique colour to the bar palette of Budapest. The interior might be over-eclectic and excessively crowded in places, but it is arguably original thanks to street art and trending design elements. The use of space is also varied, it is divided into a bar section, a courtyard and a restaurant. The music is great quality and devoid of clichés, the crowd is mixed, the prices are friendly. The gastronomical emphasis is on Hungarian craft beer and kenyérlángos – the latter is prepared on spot, in a wood-fueled stove.





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DiVino is one of the trendiest clubs of Budapest. The wine bar sells Hungarian wines exclusively, with preference given to young and upcoming Hungarian winemakers: the DiVino selection draws on the portfolio of Junibor members and their family.(Junibor beingan association of young Hungarian winemakers.) DiVino Gozsdu awaits oenophiles with 120 kinds of wine, hot bites and the largest wine terrace of Budapest.





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The owners of the Jewish-style retaurant have a well-established philosophy that they swear by: they don’t use pork, additives or taste enhancers, and never microwave the food. The eggs arefree range, they buy local produce, the bread is home made, as are the sauces, pestos, chutneys and jams. Even though they have a strict policy regarding the status and quality of the ingredients they use, their dishes are full of fresh ideas and creativity, mainly followinginternational trends, with meat-based, vegetarian and dairy-free choices all available.

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