Ruin Pubs

RUINPUBS – the coolest night experience ever!
Ruin bars of ruin pubs are a special Budapest phenomenon, bars where you can instantly feel a special vibe of Budapest nightlife packed with people. Strange courtyards of abandoned buildings with artsy, retro furnishing, quirky, historical and unusual mixed in one colourful design.
Live music or DJs, and a cold fröccs (wine and soda in hungarian way). Each has its own style and public, but whichever you choose, the atmosphere is exceptional.







Jewish Quarter area

A run-down building, retro furnishing, coulorful design, many local faces, live music or DJs, and serving a cold fröccs (wine and soda in hungarian way)or their beer and other drinks in this unique and exciting environment. Each has its own style and public,  the atmosphere is exceptional.
In seventh district, on the Pest side of Danube River, inthe area behind the city’s largest synagogue from a run-down neighbourhood into the trendiest spot in town. Before World War II, these streets were home to a large Jewish community, but after the deportation of thousands of residents during the war, the district was abandoned and neglected for decades. Today the seventh district streets are alive again with trendy coffee houses, wine bars, restaurants and food stands, along with family-owned cafés and bakeries that are among the few reminders of the area’s Jewish heritage.
Although there are nearly 30 ruin pubs in Budapest, Szimpla Kert (Szimpla Garden) was the first and remains one of the most popular, was opened in 2001 in a local effort to revitalize the derelict structure and celebrate its storied past. Almost immediately, the pub earned a loyal crowd of regulars, and more ruin pubs began to open in the area.

Address: 14 Kazinczy Street, Budapest District VII.
(a few minutes’ walk behind the Great Synagogue in Budapest)
Phone: 00-36-1-352-4198
Open: Monday-Sunday: 12.00 – 03.00


The opening of Szimpla Garden in 2002 has been literally and also symbolically a milestone in the alternative life of Budapest. Converting an old factory into a huge open-air cinema and pub, able to create a unique framework for hosting concerts, theatre shows and many different cultural events.





Address: 51 Akacfa Street, Budapest District VII.
(a few minutes’ walk behind the
Great Synagogue in Budapest)
Phone: 00-36-1-783-8820
Open: Monday-Saturday: 14.00 – 04.00, Sunday: 16.00 – 04.00


This bar features an open-air courtyard and promotes the local art scene with exhibits and performances by contemporary artists, accompanied most evenings by a DJ. You can meet young Hungarian artists and designers here, and enjoy temp exhibitions and workshops.

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